XR Coin Airdrop Claim Free XR Tokens

XR Coin Airdrop Claim Free XR Tokens

XR Coin is a Crypto-based payment solution that works differently from credit cards or other online payment systems.

Information About XR Coin

XR Coin has applied and has been approved for KYC by CoinSniper and CoinMooner. KYC confirmation will be received within 24 hours. By utilizing a variety of technologies, including GAMEFI, NFT MarketPlace, and Payment Systems, advanced blockchain architectures, creating a solid foundation, and realizing a comprehensive and sustainable metaverse project, XR COIN has developed to allow people access to the virtual universe.

After selecting 150 Participants from among the entries, the first 50 will each get $100 in XR COINs, while the remaining 100 will each receive $50. You will be qualified to join the free WhiteList in order to obtain one of the 100 NFTs that will be used for Metaverse. You will be qualified to join the free WhiteList for GAMEFI and own one of the 50 Qualified NFTs.

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Payment methods based on cryptocurrencies operate differently than credit cards or other online payment methods. It functions by validating the transaction via DAPPS and sending the money straight to the buyer's wallet, as opposed to the current approach, which is predicated on the approval of the card or account holder before the buyer withdraws the money.

This payment method, which we have created as a secure shopping protocol, will be accepted in METAVERSE as well as the e-Commerce module. It will be possible to make and receive payments via API systems, 3rd party channels, and websites via DAPPS in addition to having a single payment and payment module that can be utilized within METAVERSE. Investors will get taxes or commissions from this payment system in the form of shares or liquidation, giving them the opportunity to permanently shake out their profits.

  • Airdrop: XR Coin
  • Value: $10,000 worth of XR COIN
  • Contract: BSCscan
  • KYC Verified
  • End Date: 15th September 2022
  • Distribution Date: After the event ends

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining any airdrops project, also airdrop is 100% free.