ViralCoin Airdrop Claim $VIRAL Tokens Free

ViralCoin Airdrop Claim $VIRAL Tokens  Free

ViralCoin Airdrop is a DAO that has been built to facilitate seamless subscriptions on WEB3.

Information about ViralCoin Airdrop

The ViralCoin DAO was created to efficiently simplify subscription transactions. Use the money you make from being VIRAL to pay for your rent, utilities, video on demand, entertainment services, water, etc. In order to guarantee that adopters may rely on the token's value as a form of payment, ViralCoin seeks to maintain relative price stability. Every transaction results in global redistributions, which means that every wallet containing tokens will periodically see a gain in its balance. The value of a wallet containing VIRAL would rise even while the price is stable as a result of the reflection, without having to worry about the price sharply falling.

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Why is Viral the Supreme Fairness Token?

The first ever Fair Balanced Launch was created by ViralCoin (FBL). Until all of the ViralCoin has been created, the FBL optimizes the liquidity pool on every purchase from the ViralVault. It is not anticipated that the price would drastically increase over $0.00001, especially while the ViralVault is open.

The ViralCoin smart contract includes gasless transactions so that each user may establish unique gas station contracts without needing an underlying token (ETH, MATIC, BSC, etc.) to make transactions possible. Liquidity providers are not required. The size of the liquidity pool should ensure little price volatility through the ViralSwap LP once the ViralVault is shut down.

ViralCoin Airdrop $VIRAL Tokens

There are 2 Ways to Get ViralCoins:

Connect your wallet to ViralCoin to buy tokens directly. To take part, you must pay a fractional gas cost, which is paid to the blockchain directly.

You may earn 1 percent every time a buyer you refer purchases ViralCoin by referring them. You may do so to connect your wallet, receive your referral link, and start right away.

  • Airdrop: ViralCoin
  • Value: $10,000 Worth Of $VIRAL
  • Referral: +50 Entries
  • End Date: 31st August 2022 
  • Distribution Date: After the Event ends
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Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining any airdrops project, also airdrop is 100% free.